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Rental Audits

The process of rental audits or lease audits is undertaken to ensure cordial relationship between tenants and landlords. A review is done while taking into the account of various documents such as lease agreements and other correspondence available with the landlord.

Rental audit, which is also known as Lease audit, is the critical examination of the lease agreement and other correspondence available with the landlord. The purpose of conducting a rental audit is to extensively examine the lease documentation, accounts statements, invoices and other documents in relation to the amendment of the lease in order to determine if the landlord is not charging the tenant beyond the amount mentioned in the lease agreement and industry standards. The objective of the rental audit is to review any discrepancies in the lease documents so as to maintain a cordial relationship between the tenant and the landlord.

At Singapore Taxation we provide you with customized, comprehensive and professional audit services in Singapore. Our team of certified audit professionals ensures that all your lease documents and billings are properly verified and reviewed so that you pay only the charges mentioned in the rent agreement. We thrive to serve you in accordance with guidelines set up by various statutory bodies like ACRA and Singapore GAAP.

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