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Singapore Immigration FAQs

Employment Pass

Who can apply for employment pass in Singapore?

Foreign professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, directors, shareholders and general managers can apply for employment pass in Singapore. Additionally, one must have minimum monthly salary of S$ 3,300 (applicable from 2014).

Can I apply for employment pass prior to company incorporation?

Employment pass application has to be submitted only after incorporation of the company. This is why it is not possible for you to apply for your employment pass prior to company incorporation.

Do I need to visit Singapore to apply for EntrePass?

No, it is not necessary for you to visit Singapore to apply for EntrePass. Our concern team will coordinate and exchange necessary documents with you via emails and courier to get the things done in right time. Nevertheless, once your EntrePass is approved, you will need to visit Singapore to collect the same from MOM office.

Can I apply for an Employment Pass before registering my company?

No, you cannot apply for an Employment Pass before incorporating your company. You must register it first.

What is an Employment Pass and what are its requirements?

  • An Employment Pass is a work permit for company owners and employees to work in Singapore.
  • This pass is not awarded to every applicant.
  • An applicant may receive an Employment Pass, if the applicant’s salary is more than S$3,000 and has a degree from a reputable university.
  • Validity of an Employment Pass is 1 – 2 years and it can be renewed as long as the applicant is working in Singapore and fulfilling the criteria for it.
  • An Employment Pass owner can apply for permanent residency in due course.

What is an EntrePass and what are its requirements?

  • An EntrePass or Entrepreneur’s Pass is issued to the owners of newly registered or to be registered companies. It is their work permit to work in Singapore after relocation.
  • The validity of an EntrePass is one year and its owner can apply for permanent residency in Singapore in due course.

What is a S Pass and what are its requirements?

  • It is a work permit awarded to mid-skilled workers to work in Singapore. There is a quota system for this pass. Applicants with technical diploma from a reputed university are preferred and have more chances of getting S Pass.
  • S Pass is valid for 1 – 2 years and it is renewable.
  • S Pass owners can apply for permanent residency after 4 – 5 years, provided their work history is stable.

What is a Dependent’s Pass and what are its requirements?

  • The family members of an Employment Pass, EntrePass or S Pass holder with fixed salary of at least S$4,000 can apply for this pass.
  • The Dependent’s Pass is a relocation visa that is awarded to spouses and children below 21 years of age.
  • Dependent Pass holder and the related Employment Pass holder can apply together for permanent residency.

What is a Miscellaneous Work Pass and what are its requirement?

  • A Miscellaneous Work Pass is a short-term work permit awarded to foreigners. It does not qualify the pass holder for a permanent residency in Singapore.
  • Eligible foreign individuals are,
  • Those who are active in organization of seminars, workshops, conferences, gatherings or talks concerning any race or community, religion, or political end; or
  • A team of reporter and his crew members or foreign journalists not sponsored by any Singapore Government organization; or
  • Foreign religious workers giving talk.

Is a medical test required to get a work visa?

Once your permanent residency or the work permit is approved, authorities may ask you to take a medical test. You can take it in Singapore or in your home country. It may involve physical and blood test. It may include HIV test and Chest X-Ray.

What is a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)?

A PEP Pass is for foreign workers who work for a third-party employer. With a PEP Pass, a foreigner cannot start a company or a business in Singapore. Moreover, such a pass holder cannot work for his own company.

What is the validity period for Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)?

PEP is valid for 3 years. It is not a renewable work permit. After its expiry, the PEP holder must leave. Optionally, the PEP holder can try and acquire an Employment Pass.
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